Wall Mirror

If the ordinary plate television already enough satisfied you the family to install the demand, then under this section transparent television could let you replan own family to install the pattern. Recently, DND Casa Corporation had demonstrated in South Korea to the outside a section mirror surface wall, in this section named ARCO mirror surface wall central region, in has inlaid a liquid crystal, what but is especially special, usually the ARCO mirror surface wall is entire transparent, but when broadcast video frequency content, heart region can turn a liquid crystal. The ARCO mirror surface wall used German ad-notam Corporation to develop "Mirror Image" the technology, was allowed to manufacture the LCD screen the transparent mirror surface. Moreover it also has more functions, in has set at an entire specification computer, opens the mirror surface wall base the cabinet, then can see contained has broadcast the controller as well as PC. At present besides this section mirror surface wall, ad- notam Corporation also produces the many kinds of other mirror surfaces television, when does not broadcast the video frequency is completely same with the ordinary mirror surface, is suitable for room and so on bathroom, kitchen as well as living room. DND Casa Corporation disclosed by no means concerns this section mirror surface wall the concrete specification as well as the price, goes on the market the date also to cannot to know, therefore these wanted the friend which rerepaired the oneself living room to need painstakingly to wait.