Vanity Mirrors

Topic: The girl always compares pays great attention to own correct manners discipline, therefore the speculum nearly becomes the daily compulsory schoolwork. The contour is together artistic the evil spirit mirror which also illuminates you dresses up, definitely becomes your heart most to love, inside following 5 mirrors, which pendulum can you choose to do inside the room comb ? the mirror? 1. Four square shapes mirrors 2. Circular mirror 3. Ellipse mirror 4. Triangle mirror 5. The shape irregular 1. chooses "four square shapes mirrors" to explode mirror --30% you from to love the degree to be extremely low, belongs considers oneself as ordinary. You have the confidence very much to own appearance, thought oneself is only an ordinary girl, all day all thought the oneself others have been unattractive, even may discover the oneself more than 10 shortcomings as necessary, therefore your most Zhong Yi dresses up oneself. Because goes to extremes the introversion, therefore your sentimental life not too is ideal. 2. chooses "the circular mirror" to explode mirror --50% you from to love the degree to be ordinary, knew the oneself appearance did not calculate extremely dresses up, but also can arrange on medium. But you belong to the lovable young girl, optimistic open and bright, straightforward naive you, the affinity is full and dares to like daring to hate, others are together with you when naturally thought relaxed comfortablely does not have the pressure, therefore calculated you did not calculate the outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, all still felt better the other people to welcome. 3. chooses "the ellipse mirror" to explode mirror --70% you from to love the degree not to calculate too high, thought own appearance are very attractive, again increases makings to improve on perfection! You belong to being narcissistic, also own thought oneself is good, the other people not necessarily appreciate that kind. Because you are conceited, therefore once is lovelorn can insanely fall, because you could not accept the others to abandon your fact. From this time on changes resents the world and detests mundane affairs, does not cherish any fantasy again to the love. 4. chooses "the triangle mirror" to explode mirror --90% you from to love the degree is ultra average man's high, all really has the confidence to the oneself appearance stature, therefore can unexpectedly discharge to the personal maidservant. You thought rare heaven to you such eccentric, lives your stature such on time, how can it be that uses not well does not waste? Therefore you can sway back and forth all day long in realm of love, take falls the all living things as the own duty. You even can further play the completely love game, sinks is drunk to stimulates the new passion to pursue is inescapably involved. 5. chooses "the shape not to be irregular" explodes mirror --100% above you from to love the degree simply to be much higher, determination dresses up explodes the mirror all to continue, thought oneself is "only should the space have" the outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, definitely is Fairy Returns to Earth. The rough estimate, you can use the about 9 tenths time specula every day, appreciates own "the peerless beautiful face". However likes oneself loving frantic you, simply cannot consider loves the side person. Believed you the life companion should be can together from morning until evening the mirror which accompanies with you.