Dongguan hundred is suitable --- the specialized production multiplication mirror (glass class, models gummy substances), the glass (daily expense class, organic kind), the concave convex magnifying glass (glass class, models gummy substances), grinds the kind of enlargement concave-convex lens (?? and optics material) and other related products... ... And continuously to the strength to the design, the development, the production can satisfy Japanese, European Union, the England and France Germany contour end produce market demand. Its product management scope as follows: The 1.0--8.0mm mirror, the glass, the mirror, put on make-up the mirror, the cosmetology mirror, the glass concave-convex magnifying glass (2 times to 10 times), pastes the membrane glass mirror, Canada pastes the two-sided gummed paper glass mirror, the concave-convex glass, the colored glass mirror, the double mirror, the one-sided reflector. Processing craft: Opens lies between cuts, ??, the bevel edge, the drill hole, the steel, the carving flower, guards against, the sand blasting, the radium ancient shoots carving silk India The 0.125mm--8.0mm plexiglass handicraft, the revertex mirror, the baby toy mirror, the revertex concave-convex magnifying glass (2 times to 10 times) PMMA, the PETG mirror, the PC lens, the PS mirror, ??, guard against the fog mirror, ???, the double mirror, the dentist oral cavity inspection mirror. Processing craft: Flushes, the gong, returns the shape, the computer cuts, the radium shoots the carving, the drill hole, polishes, the agglutination, the description, roasts, silk India, the blow curved Phi 3mm- phi 300mm grinds the kind of glass magnifying glass (2 times to 10 times): Reflection magnifying glass, culture and education thing magnifying glass, illumination magnifying glass, projection magnifying glass. Phi 2mm- phi the 200mm machine-pressed kind of revertex (presses thrust augmentation) the magnifying glass (2 times to 10 times), the special specification may make to order. Phi 50mm- phi the 1000mm transportation wide-angle lens may form a complete set the manufacture and the piecework