In the market has the bathroom mirror has selling price in how many hundred Yuan, but some only sells for several dozens Yuan, what is their main difference? The upscale bathroom mirror and the ordinary bathroom mirror difference mainly is in the image authenticity. The ordinary product generally may cut at will in the contour cuts, but simultaneously the mirror surface image can distort impractically, in addition also has ?? the craft difference, plates the mercury situation non-uniformity the problem. When selects and purchases, should from the frontage, the side, the reverse side multi- angles look at the mirror surface the outward appearance quality. Because the product quality can reflect the product works the fine degree. The good lens from seemingly side looked does not have to have the air bubble, to crush the spot, the black spot, is black and so on not good to respond. The lens have division of silver mirror and the aluminum mirror, the silver mirror are the mirror board first of silver-plating membrane. Relatively says the silver mirror durably, from seemingly looked the silver mirror the light is comparatively gentle, but the aluminum mirror light merit turns white dazzlingly. The people looked the mirror generally only pays great attention to oneself in the mirror image, certainly not pays attention to in the mirror the distant place straight line object, when you slowly move the line of sight, if the straight line object bending strain, this is together a quality better mirror.